February 2020 – The Good Business Festival

We were delighted to welcome Claire McColgan MBE and Wayne Hemingway MBE to talk about this year’s Good Business Festival. The festival, which will take place in October, will build on the success of the International Festival for Business, but will take on an entirely new structure and approach which will focus on businesses’ response to an ever changing world. The Good Business Festival is part of a global movement that believes in the power of business to affect positive change and it’s coming to the Liverpool City Region.

With events taking place in multiple venues across the city region, the festival will aim to reconnect with businesses of all sizes while attracting the smartest minds from around the world to make us think big, question our actions, galvanise our ambition and drive positive change in an energetic festival environment – and we want Knowsley and Knowsley businesses to be part of that!

No matter the size of your businesses or area of work the Good Business Festival is something worth knowing about. You might have ideas about how you would like to contribute, have a great story to tell or might just be interested in being part of the festival – soaking up the atmosphere and getting inspired.

To find out more you can watch this video (password: Purp@se) and follow this link to get involved.