Knowsley Ambassadors


As Knowsley celebrates it’s 50th birthday, it’s a great time to re-launch the successful Knowsley Ambassadors’ programme.

Knowsley Ambassadors’ events bring together a wide range of individuals and organisations working in, or connected to, Knowsley that share a passion for the place and for its future prosperity.

Originally launched in 2014, the events provide individuals and organisations with an opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments and news from across the borough whilst also making connections and positively promoting Knowsley as a great place to live, work, visit, invest and do business.

The first event took place on Wednesday 24 January 2024, at Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot.

You can read a summary of the first event on Knowsley News.

Be part of the conversation …

… and help to tell the Knowsley story.

Knowsley is an ambitious place and its strategic location at the heart of one of the UK’s key economic areas means it’s also a place to seize opportunities.

We have already seen exceptional growth in recent years and to help us build on this in the coming years we are re-establishing our Ambassadors’ network. We would like you to be part of it.

Knowsley is everyone’s business

The Ambassadors’ programme unites knowledge, networks, passion and determination of people who, like you, are connected to Knowsley and have a desire to play a part in its future.

In return, you will get access to key influencers, news, updates and opportunities to profile your business. The Ambassadors’ programme lends itself to those with entrepreneurial drive.

Centred around a regular programme of events, the Knowsley Ambassadors’ programme offers businesses, organisations and people an opportunity to make connections, develop yourself and your business and play a part in shaping a prosperous Knowsley in the future.

Knowsley’s Ambassadors’ events in 2024 promise to deliver renowned speakers with a range of thought-provoking topics and discussions being lined up.

Ambassadors are ….

  • People who care about Knowsley and want to be involved in delivering a successful future
  • People who want to make a key contribution by connecting and linking with other businesses and people
  • Keen to discover more about the borough, its assets and its opportunities
  • People who can influence the development of the borough through their ideas, collaboration and fresh thinking
  • A powerful network of people who proactively and positively seek to develop connections and help to tell the Knowsley story
  • People with energy and drive who work collaboratively for Knowsley, the place
  • A group that works with the local authority to position Knowsley as a valuable asset and offer to the Liverpool City Region’s economy
  • At the forefront of change

The journey so far

Back in 2014, the public and private sector in Knowsley recognised the need to ‘do things differently’ to create the right environment for growth and ensure Knowsley was the place that everyone was talking about – positively.

Focussing on collaboration at its heart the Knowsley Ambassadors’ network was created. Centred around a regular programme of events, the network helped to place Knowsley firmly on the UK stage as a great place to invest and do business. And from those beginnings Knowsley has seen a monumental transformation – all this despite living through a global pandemic and a cost-of-living crisis.

Highlighted by the Financial Times as one of the Top three places in the UK recovering well after COVID19, Knowsley has achieved a great deal and to help propel the borough into an even more prosperous future, the Knowsley Ambassadors’ programme is being relaunched in 2024.

‘I am delighted that Knowsley Ambassadors events will be returning in 2024. The events provide the opportunity to play a part in a powerful private and public sector network of influential people who are committed to the ongoing growth and success of Knowsley.”

Alan Seeley, Ford Motor Company and Chair of Knowsley Chamber of Commerce

‘I’m really looking forward to attending Knowsley Ambassadors events again in 2024. The events cover a broad range of relevant topics and provide a fantastic opportunity to network with other Knowsley business owners and leaders from the public sector with the shared goal of continually improving Knowsley as a great place to live, work, visit and invest.”

Rod Wah, Managing Director of Beverston Engineering Limited