Knowsley Ambassadors events are a chance to find out what’s happening in various industry sectors in the area, network, and learn more about relevant opportunities.

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Making 2018 work for you

Suites Hotel Ribblers Lane, Knowsley, United Kingdom

The Knowsley Ambassadors’ programme is starting 2018 with some new year inspiration courtesy of Professor Damian Hughes.

One year of culture

Knowsley Hall Prescot

2018 marks the ten year anniversary of Liverpool Capital of Culture – a year that helped to strengthen Liverpool’s position as a cultural focal point across the globe.

Knowsley Ambassadors – Apprentices

Suites Hotel Ribblers Lane, Knowsley, United Kingdom

Many organisations and young people in Knowsley have benefitted greatly from the skills and experiences gained through apprenticeships over the years.

Knowsley ambassadors – Let’s Talk 2030

Village Hotel Fallows Way, Whiston

Since November last year, more than 700 people across Knowsley have been sharing their ideas and aspirations for the future. People of all ages who live, work and/or study in Knowsley have been talking about what matters to them, what improvements they would like to see and what changes could make a positive difference to their future.